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Admission Center

Committed to our core value of nurturing excellence, we are ensuring that optimum learning is happening for your child in an environment that is student-centric, fosters mutual respect and stimulates innovation.

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Information Center

The management and information centre is donned with versatile team leaders who are passionately involved in the holistic development of school and staff alike.

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Our Programs

We actively encourage lateral thinking and activity through a host of co-curricular activities for our students. The hobbies we cultivate as children enrich our lives as adults.

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Best Features of Chandrasheel

A deep sense of commitment to provide innovative education is the foundation for such an educational Endeavour. The quality of our work is directly proportional to the commitment we practice.

Separate Hostel facilities for Boys’ and Girls’

We provide separate hostel facilities for Boys' and Girls'. Facilities provided for boarders are given as:

  1. Regular supervised studies in the evening.
  2. Remedial classes for students requiring academic support.
  3. Strict supervision by experienced female teachers in Girls' hostel and male teachers in Boys' hostel.
  4. Special medical facility by experienced MBBS doctors.
  5. Nutritious and Wholesome food.
  6. Special focus on reasoning, current affairs for aptitude development.
  7. Concept class to strenghthen the basic foundation of children in Maths, Science and English.
  8. Music, Dance, Dramatics, Bagpiper Band, Art & Yoga studios. Multiple playgrounds with sports and games facility (Basket Ball, Yoga, Martial Arts, Cricket, Badminton, Volley Ball, Handball, Table Tennis etc.)

CCTV Surveillance

We have installed fully modern CCTV montoring system to monitor to ensure security of the students, teachers and non-teaching staff.

Safe and Secure Transport Facility

We provide transport facilities from each and every corners of the city with ensuring safety and security to your children.

Other Specific Facility

Fully Hygienic Canteen is available for our students, teachers and non-teaching staff.  

Career Counseling Cell

The Career Counseling Cell and a Psychological counselor to ensure emotional health of the students. While specific problems are individually addressed and resolved, the counselor also provides guidance to parents and works towards achieving a harmonious working environment in school.

Our Belief

We believe that education must engage with and enlarge experience for the overall growth of the individual. The school encourages this by integrating sports, hobby activities, special day celebrations, community service, eco-friendly initiatives and excursions within the curriculum and adopts a holistic and down - to - earth approach.

Moral & Cultural Dimensions

The knowledge and manifestations of a future dominated by technology and globalization have engulfed every sphere in life today and our students are being groomed to operate efficiently across the world in a multi-cultural environment. Alongside, education we place renewed emphasis on the moral and cultural dimensions within the wealth of Indian traditions and values.

Child Centric Approach

We strongly believe in Child Centric approach to allow the child to make their own choices and establish their own ideas towards promoting competent communication and learning. Helping them evolve mentally and physically, encouraging them to lead healthy lives.

Join Our Upcoming events

The school hosts a plethora of internal and external events throughout the year which aim towards participation of all the students to showcase their talent and learning. Apart from this the calendar is dotted with presentations, performances, guest lectures, workshops, assemblies and competitions in various co-curricular activities throughout the year as calendared.

Innovation To Build Your Career

Innovation is everywhere in our rapidly-changing world. It's one of those terms used often, but rarely defined.

Student Hostel

The bedrooms are provided with comfortable beds with personal pull out drawers, space for personal clothes and belongings as well as access to toilet and shower facility.

Mutual Respect & Education

An environment of mutual trust and respect is necessary if the institution is to promote integrity. Mutual trust and respect are prerequisites for open communication and honest dialogue about values, goals and expectations.

Learning Lab

"If I can’t learn the way you teach, will you teach me the way I learn" The School believes that Learning should be a joyful experience for all and to this end we now have a Special Needs Department called 'The Learning Lab' to support the students who are differently abled.

Sports & Co-Curricular

Even though sports & co-curricular activities are integrated in the curriculum, boarders get access to these facilities in the evenings also. At Chandrasheel School, we actively encourage lateral thinking and activity through a host of co-curricular activities for our students.

Administrative Block

The nodal point of our campus, the Administrative Block is designed to reflect the lively and transparent character of the school. It accommodates key staff offices and departments, the Conferencing Center, the Visitors' Lounge as well as an outlet for complete school supplies.

what our students say

My journey with Chandrasheel started in 2006. From starting out as a naive individual with only curiosity, school helped me shape the start of a long journey into finding the answers to the big hairy questions